Upcoming events: to be confirmed

Welcome to the North East England Marathi Association (NEEMA) maharashtra mandal on the World Wide Web. NEEMA is an organisation representing the maharashtrian and marathi community in and around north east of England area managed by the enthusiastic volunteers.

Our objective is to plan cultural events for the 'Marathi' community to get together, help make new friends and contacts, preserve our culture and teach our traditions to the younger generation. Maharashtra mandal, NEEMA needs your participation to make these programs successful.

In addition to the organization of the cultural programs for the community, NEEMA undertakes various other activites which has charitable causes. There are many such programs arranged throughout the year. The details of these are published on the website from time to time.

We warmly welcome people of all ages who are proud Marathi origin but living their life in the UK and wish to preserve and celebrate Marathi Heritage and Culture. We appeal to all who are new to North East England to join our magnificent community and participate with passion and great fervour and thus accomplish a sense of belonging. Please check our contact details and feel free to get in touch with any of our committee members for further information.