NEEMA is an organisation formed of enthusiasm of local Marathi families. Although the charter of the organization is to provide a forum for people who claim 'Marathi' as their mother tongue, however it is open to anyone who wants to join.

The organization promotes cultural events throughout the year. While the events may vary from year to year, 'Ganapati utsav' is always performed. Other events included are Holi, Diwali and Christmas event. We try to arrange a picnic during the summer months. The culture and magical times around Christmas will be celebrated as well. The Organization also tries to promote 'Marathi Culture' by presenting Music Concerts and Drama performance by artists and also inviting some famous groups or figures from India. We also encourage local talent to participate in various events and programs.

Our goals:

We have set the following goals. Committee will track its performance based on these goals:

1) Successfully organize cultural events for the Marathi speaking Community

2) Try to involve more newcomers and Increase current membership by at least 10% per year

3) Increase Revenue through new members and achieve Sponsorships to continue with this association

4) Increase Kids Participation in cultural programs

5) Conduct 1-2 additional programs for the year: e.g. Picnic/Special visits by key personalities

6) Create opportunities to mix for new Marathi families in the North East and beyond

7) Improve communication with members by providing event details and gathering feedback to improvise

8) Appreciate & recognize achievements within the community

Our mission:

Promote and nurture Marathi culture through its arts, literature, and language. Provide communication network for Marathi people across North east England.


Effective communication between all members to bring out everyone’s best.


Respect: Treat everyone with dignity and respect.

Stewardship: Social and financial responsibility and accountability.

Learning: Embrace continuous improvement, creativity and bring some changes.