History of NEEMA

NEEMA was founded by some enthusiastic doctors living and working in Newcastle in 2003. This initially was limited to only a few families, but over a period of time, members increased exponentially.

Founder members:

Dr Sulabha Desai & Dr Shrinivas Desai

Dr Varsha Deshpande & Dr Sanjay Deshpande

Mrs Anjali Dixit & Dr Shekhar Dixit

Dr Manda Joshi & Dr Jeevan Joshi

Anuradha Kulkarni & Dr Ravi Kulkarni

Dr Leena Pardeshi & Dr Rajendra Pardeshi

The initial inauguration of NEEMA was done by the music concert performed by Mrs. Asha Khadilkar. With increasing interests, NEEMA has invited many prominent personalities in various fields as their chief guests.

The current NEEMA committee is keen to make the organisation even bigger with more exciting programmes. Their ethos is to try and integrate as many younger generation members into our traditional marathi programmes.

Executive Committee – 2017-2018

1) Dr. Shinu Desai

2) Mrs. Anjali Dixit

3) Dr. Parag Narkhede

Executive Committee – 2015-2016

1) Mr. Rohan Murkunde

2) Dr. Raju Pardeshi

3) Dr. Varsha Deshpande

4) Mrs. Bubby Kaur

Executive Committee – 2013-2014

1) Dr Rajiv Limaye

2) Dr Alok Godse

3) Dr Parag Narkhede

4) Mrs Anu Kulkarni

5) Ms Shalmali Deshpande

Executive Committee – 2011-2012

1) Dr Sachin Mannikar

2) Dr Anand Dixit

3) Dr Asmita Dixit

4) Dr Rahul Dharmadhikari

5) Dr Yogesh Upadhye

6) Dr Raju Pardeshi

7) Dr Jeevan Joshi

Executive Committee - 2009-2010

1) Dr Manju Narayan

2) Dr Ashish Gulve

3) Mrs Sangeeta Murkunde